【CURATED】Squarepusher - Terminal Slam (Official Video)
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Squarepusher - ‘Terminal Slam‘ (Official Video).
New album ‘Be Up A Hello’ out 31 January |

‘Terminal Slam’ is directed by Squarepusher's longtime collaborator, Daito Manabe. He is one of the directors and founders of Rhizomatiks, Japan's world-renowned artists, programmers and DJs who have collaborated with a variety of domestic and international artists.

Pre-Order ‘Be Up A Hello’ and check your account to download exclusive new tracks, and a 24-bit WAV of Squarepusher’s recent WXAXRXP x NTS mix. More music will be added in the next few months.

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Director, Glitch Effects and Interaction Designer:Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks)
Film and Editing director:Kenichiro Shimizu (PELE)
Machine Learning Engineer:Yuta Asai (Rhizomatiks)
Video Export Tool Developer:2bit
Effects Artist:Aya Takamatsu (Rhizomatiks)
Ad Graphic Designer:Kaori Fujii (Rhizomatiks)
CG Director:Junichi Ebe (Freelance)
Effects Supervisors:Kenta Katsuno (+Ring)+Takeshi Ozaki (+Ring)
Effects Artists:Mikita Arai (Freelance)+Masaki Takahashi (Freelance)
Digital Artists:Yuki Hirakawa (+Ring)+Yu Onishi (+Ring)+Kenta Hasegawa (+Ring)+Ayaka Yamaguchi (+Ring)+Takeya Kamimura (+Ring)+Ryuichi Ono (Freelance)
CG Producer:Toshihiko Sakata (+Ring)
VFX Airtist:Yoshinobu Okino (Nomad)
Colorlist:Felipe Szulc (Nomad)
Cinematographer:Kazuki Takano (TRIVAL)
Cinematographer / Operator:Takuya Higa (Cyanworksandfilms)
MIDI Data designer:Kyoko Koyama
Film Producer:Chikako Nagai (PELE)
Producer:Takao Inoue (Rhizomatiks)

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