⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking NYC (Narrated) : Fifth Avenue from 60th Street to 23rd Street (Flatiron Building)
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A narrated walk down Fifth Avenue from the 5th Avenue - 59th Street Station to 23rd Street, where the Flatiron Building is located.

Correction and Additions:
At 14:22 St. Patrick's Cathedral is designed in the Neo-Gothic Style. I already knew it was Neo-Gothic Style but there was a lot on my mind and mistakenly said it was Art Deco Style.

At 10:13 I state "Personally, I don't give money out to homeless on the streets because you never know what they'll do with it, and what their causes will be". I believe it is important for society to help the homeless and people who are less fortunate. It is important to make charitable contributions to the less fortunate and the homeless, so whether that means giving directly to the homeless on the streets or to reputable organizations is up to the donor. I am more comfortable providing aid through a third party as there have been many scams in New York. On a previous narrated walk down Manhattan's Broadway: I suggest donating to reputable organizations instead. Personally, I don’t donate money to people on the streets. However, I will give food, supplies and support the homeless and less fortunate through other means and organizations. There have been reports of organized scams preying on people’s good intentions. See this news story: At 13:50 I mention this scam.

Filmed January 8, 2019

1:45 - Someone bumps into me
2:31 - 60th Street
3:30 - 59th Street (Apple Store)
4:38 - 58th Street
5:55 - 57th Street (Trump Tower)
7:40 - 56th Street
8:50 - 55th Street
10:36 - 54th Street (Aggressive Cyclist and Woman nearly gets hit by a taxi)
12:05 - 53rd Street (UNIQLO)
13:22 - 52nd Street
14:22 - 51st Street (Saint Patrick's Cathedral [Actually Neo-Gothic Architecture], Atlas Statue & Rockefeller Center)
15:50 - 50th Street (Rockefeller Center Promenade & Sak's Fifth Avenue)
16:58 - 49th Street
18:25 - 48th Street (A fan says hello)
20:25 - 47th Street (Diamond District & bad jaywalking)
21:35 - 46th Street (Little Brazil)
22:35 - 45th Street
23:40 - 44th Street
24:55 - 43rd Street (Poor jaywalking)
26:15 - 42nd Street (New York Public Library Main Branch)
27:36 - 41st Street
28:25 - 40th Street
29:50 - 39th Street
31:30 - 38th Street
33:00 - 37th Street
34:30 - 36th Street
36:00 - 35th Street (Bad jaywalking)
36:40 - Two people bump into each other
37:17 - 34th Street (Empire State Building)
38:55 - 33rd Street (Cyclist fails to yield to pedestrians)
40:00 - 32nd Street (Koreatown)
41:11 - 31st Street
42:20 - 30th Street
43:30 - 29th Street
44:25 - 28th Street
45:50 - 27th Street
47:30 - 26th Street
49:08 - 25th Street
50:20 - 24th Street
51:15 - 23rd Street (Flatiron Building - Completed in 1902)

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